Creating a change mindset is the need of the hour
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Creating a change mindset is the need of the hour

Creating a change mindset is the need of the hour. It is also the means to grow in life.

Your work is going pretty fine but there is no growth in your profile. There is no politics in your company and environment is good but your profile is getting stagnant. There are no challenges or learning but you feel good to be in the comfort zone when pay increases with seniority and time.  

what will you do in such case ? 

80% of the people who would not take the risk of losing a comfort job and changing to something totally new. Believe it – your mind is happy with repeating the same things again and again. The subconscious mind will never let you change your situation.  

Our subconscious mind has the fear of uncertain. It is always our conscious mind which thinks what can do better for our growth. 

A recent long-term study conducted by health psychologists stated that our perception related to the uncomfort of stress is much bigger than the change itself.  

Change is the only thing which is constant.  

So how can we embrace change and bring it into our culture? 

Technology is rapidly changing, customers taste and preferences changes overtime. The education system changes. These changes are not only important at the organization level but we have to imbibe this feature as individual. 

Apart from the organization and market level change, it is more important that we become flexible to change our own thoughts with time. 

In my experience so far I have observed that people’s mindset do not change. Even if we try to put positive thoughts by counselling this will be temporary. when we face a similar situation same thoughts will come automatically and we do the same action again.  

Easily said that done ! It is very difficult to change what are subconscious mind thinks for the situation. We know that 90% of our life is governed by subconscious mind. This part of us has been carved when we were in the womb. It has been a long time that it is learning and believing things so how can it change so easily?  

Our belief for the situation is more harmful to our health than the reality of the situation itself.  

So we can go forward with two kind of approach one is people with very fixed mindset 2nd is people with flexible or growth oriented mindset. 

People with fixed mindset do not let other people change. for example those people who believe in superstitions will try to make others believe that. 

People with growth mindset believe in change, questioning, experimentation, hit and trial and are more often doing things rather than talking. 

A very recent example is Netflix. The programs aired on Netflix are have a very different concept which is completely new. Netflix brought the change specifically in developing countries where openness and creativity for concept is not welcome or been exercised. The concepts of the programs are so new that Netflix has made the young generation switch from TV to just having internet in a smart device. Now people do not have to wait for a program, they can buffer it anytime. No doubt Netflix is growing substantially with millions of users increasing every year. 

In lockdown due to covid – 19 various business got a toll over. But companies with growing and change mindset used it as an opportunity. For example Amazon, Swiggy started selling groceries. Pharma trade gained profit by selling sanitizers, marks, digital thermometer, oxymeters.  

Whereas saloon, all item store, movie theatre, malls got the biggest setback. Failure is not a problem but not coming out of it by changing the idea, is.  

Covid -19 is the best example as it has taught us that future is uncertain and we need to have a change mindset in order to survive. 

Following are few of the points where we can create a change mindset for our growth.

Do comment if you feel there can be other ways or if you have thoughts for the following.

1. Let your life flow naturally

First give yourself to life and let it flow naturally. We need to accept that the future is uncertain. Nothing is permanent. Life has its own way of teaching us therefore as human, it is our responsibility to learn from the situations which come our way. Not to just keep thinking that why something has happened. 

2.Focus and understanding are the two greatest achievement of mankind

We need to realize that focus and understanding are the two greatest achievement of mankind. When we will be at our deathbed our understanding of things will calm us and make us happy. Our focus will help us do think positive and be satisfied before leaving this world.  

By understanding I don’t mean having an opinion for a situation As per your perception. what I mean to say is having a rational approach which is fair. This approach is free from our emotional turmoil. Here we think about the situation as it is or as a third person without attaching any of our motives with it. 

3. Don’t try to control everything.

More we try to control things we realize more things are slipping out of our hands. Also when we try to control other people our bond with them also weekends.  our over controlling over analyzing the situation makes us think more about its negative aspect. It simply means that we are not accepting the beauty of change. We make our own set of rules which booth are perfect as per our own perception but why we don’t realize that every human has different perception. The right for one person can be wrong for other. Nature also have different animals species, flowers and that is why it is beautiful.  

E.g. Over parenting is very common, especially with new parents. They try to analyze each and everything of their kid. Most of the time an overindulged parent often leads to a sensitive child who does not take risk. Do you know that kids know how to swim. But the fear of drowning in parent’s mind make the child forget swimming. 

4. Polluted mind do not accept change 

we all, at some point of time have polluted our mind with negative thoughts. We overthink and feel that why something bad happened with us when we did all good. Many a times we start crying on the mishappenings but the forget to rejoice and enjoy the good things which are already with us from a long time. We take the good things for granted. It is our need to feel gratitude and thankful to what we have in order to feel satisfied with our life. 

5. Take your failures as an opportunity to learn more 

A learning mind is a growing right mind. If you are not facing any failure or challenge that means you are not trying new things. If your life is going smoothly that means you are in your comfort zone. But imagine what if something happens and you have to you are forced to change? Then it will become difficult for us and we will enter into the never ending game of blaming our destiny.

6. Have big dreams but flexible expectations 

It really affect us when we’re not able to satisfy our own expectations. Sometimes we want something and we start working for it. but with the course of time the results which come out to be something different but still rewarding. Therefore it is important for us to put efforts without stressing on daily expectations.  

7. Give yourself time to naturally adopt the change  

This one is related with the above. To fulfill a dream we need to put long term planning and time. Dreams are not fulfilled within a day or few months. Giving ourself a long period to achieve that dream ; gives us the strength to actually complete it. So give yourself smaller goals to achieve bigger things in life.

For example there are many people who start a small business like selling on social media, blogging, making videos. They expect that they will get millions of views and likes very fast. But then they are not able to achieve it. Many of them stop working consistently. They do not realize that they are at the verge of getting the reward of their efforts. But they quit at the very moment. We need to be consistent with the idea of change to adopt it naturally. 

8. Develop a habit to change

Habits which are developed over a long period of time are difficult to change. But what if we develop a new habit to change regularly.  Life become monotonous with routines.  

As we grow our sense of curiosity decreases. 

We can learn to be curious from newborns who want to explore everything which comes their way. On the contrary we tend to ignore the beautiful things happening in front of our eyes. We are already so occupied. Therefore have a list which you need to do in life in order to become the better version of yourself. This list can include the random things which you want to do which requires a lot of change in thinking or physical activity idiot. At the end it will not be the money which will count but the internal happiness which we experience. 

9. Manage your willpower to welcome change 

Have a strong Will power to become a better version of yourself. when we consciously think that we need to change; our subconscious mind which loves to follow commands, starts listening to us. Our conscious mind has to constantly teach our subconscious mind to do the task in a different manner. With this repetition the change does not remain new for us and we slowly it get used to it. 

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