• how subconscious mind learn

    How does our Subconscious Mind learn?

    Our subconscious mind controls and governs us 90% of the time therefore it is very important that we understand how our subconscious mind works and how it learns.  A subconscious mind does not have any language then how can we make it understand what is to be done and what is to be avoided. How can we really get out of autopilot mode and start doing the things that are required to find the purpose of our life. Our Subconscious mind subconscious mind basically reacts and learns on the basis of the following –  1.Instinct The survival instinct or the animal instinct which makes a human or animal react to…

  • conscious subconscious mind

    what is Conscious, Subconscious and Super-conscious Mind

    Conscious, Subconscious mind and Super-conscious Mind are the 3 states or levels of our mind. They work together and form our personality. Few say it 3 levels of mind, 3 types of our consciousness or awareness. They all are similar concepts.  On a broader level we can divide our mind into 2 major categories.One being the conscious mind and other being the Subconscious mind where superconscious is the extended state of subconscious.   Our conscious mind understands language which is why it is able to interpret messages. But our subconscious does not understand any language. It is based on the vibrations and chemical releases in our body and brain through our…

  • does basic human emotions change

    Does basic Human emotions change or remain the same?

    Basic human emotions do not change and remain the same. Why do we say that? As human being we all face the same emotions. However some emotions may overpower others as per situations. According to personality types there are few emotions which act as the basic ones for us. It starts with how we process a situation into a message (i.e. perception) which makes us feel in a particular way. Human behavior flows through 3 main sources – Knowledge, Desire and Emotions. – Plato We have the ability to change our personality and emotions over a long period of time by changing our perception. But still as a habit of…

  • procrastination

    Why do we procrastinate? 10 tips to end procrastination.

    Why do we procrastinate or delay things? We all must have thought about it. Have you ever felt lost at some point of time when you are not able to achieve what you really want from within? Have you thought that you have a career, family, regular source of income but still you are not satisfied. Your life does not feel complete?  We need to stop running and think for a while, that why this happens, are we actually living our passion or not?  There are so many people who go for jobs, do business but are not happy and are not following their passion.  Giving a very meaningless purpose and…

  • smart goal for growth

    How to grow in life with the correct goal setting and direction

    Why is having a goal an important part of our life?   Are you happy with the way your life is going ahead? Satisfied with the comfort zone and the same routine. Or do you often think about a dream you always had and tell yourself if i would have done this in the past, today’s time would have been different. At some point of time we all have felt that there is so much to be explored. We have the talent and want to do something. We also made goals but then life happened and we became so busy. Having passion to achieve our dream means we have vision…

  • SWOT for self awareness

    SWOT for Self Awareness and Truth

    The basic SWOT Analysis –   We all know that SWOT is a short form that stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. We may have heard or done it for our business/ employees/ products etc. It is a very basic but useful model to understand our business and work accordingly in future.   But Wait Have you ever done your own SWOT for self awareness and truth?  Who should learn to do SWOT?  Every human who wants to grow in life personally or financially should do a SWOT for oneself for better analysis.   This cannot be done by 1 strategy but a set of different techniques to know our self.   This article will be…

  • will power connection to passion

    Will power connection to passion.8 Tips to increase will power?

    Are you able to control your actions as per your own way? Take control of your life and start acting today to create a future as per your dreams. "Will" is the ability to make conscious choice and "power" is strength. "will" is when we are able to work as per our conscious mind which is difficult as per our subconscious mind.   We can use various strategies from the world to pursue our goals. But if we do not have the willpower we will quit in between. We will be afraid and will not be able to completely achieve our goals.

  • How to stay happy in hard times

    How to stay happy even in hard times? 11 tips for Internal Happiness.

    The question here is not to be happy or try to change the way we think. The question here is what we can actually adopt to be in the state of calm and happiness in most of the times of our life. This may include linking our self to the truth, being more futuristic , understanding our self in order to control our emotions etc. What is a hard time? It can be stress or anxiety or any kind of panic situation. What happens in a panic situation? To understand our happiness , we need to understand our sorrow, panic or sad emotions first. Let’s try to understand it in…