Must TO-DO's before you die
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Must TO-DO’s before you die

Must To – Do before you die.

Death is when we leave our body and travel to the higher world. We may not know as our conscious mind is not aware of our soul and how it works. But our super-conscious mind knows where we are going, our deep memories and life spans. It is connected to our soul and wanders with it wherever it goes.

Wikipedia defines Death as –  Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. An inevitable process eventually occurring in all living organisms.

If death is a part of the process of the way our universe works. If death is a neutral & natural phenomenon then why is there fear in our mind and heart for it?

Whatever comes has to go. What is born has to die. And the existence of beings goes on forever. Therefore we need to accept that death will come to us whenever it is planned .

But what’s more important is that while we live, what are our responsibilities that we need to fulfill before we enter into the new world.

There are many cultures which believe in the afterlife, Punishments and rewards as per Human Karma. And many cultures say it is just a myth and a waste of time to get involved into.

Let’s just not be a part of any of these 2 cultures. 

Let’s think of our deeds and results as our tasks which we did for sustaining our life. Our relationships and errands with people and family which had to be completed.

We need to analyse if there are any pending tasks that we are leaving behind. Any mess which we have created. Any decision which is only based on us which; if not taken may create havoc for others.

We cannot leave behind everything into the materialistic world. Yes! our body will decompose but our soul will always stay. It will feel what it has done right and what it could have done better in order to improve the living.

Following are the Must To – Dos before you die

1. Make your will

Clear all property related matters , Make nominees for your bank savings and locker. Explain to your nominees what belongs to whom and how your wealth can be accessed.  

Why are you running everyday to office? You work day and night to earn and make an identity. But what is the actual reason ? You want to earn first to sustain yourself and then for your family. So that you can give your kids a better education, good health, environment of growth and learning.

There are many elders who wait till the end to make the will but sometimes their time comes before and they leave their property and savings in the hands of the institutes.

This decision is crucial to be made as soon as you start developing your assets. Your savings which were actually meant for your family will be disbursed in a planned way without any confusions and fights. After all you also want your kids to stay peacefully and respectfully with each other.

2. Clear all assets

Your assets can be your car or clothes, precious models or stones. Your collected treasures for life will only have value if you will give it to others and explain their value to them.

Once you give; you forget about them. The only treasure which you had was your body. Your temple which you used & developed, in which you were living for years. If at the end it will also become mud then there is nothing else in this world which can be taken along.

3. Forgive and forget

Forgive people for their sins as you have your own list.

Forget and Forgive those people or things which have hurt you.

Forgive any particular culture or community which you never liked.

Finally forget it and let it be a part of your life’s movie.

Forgiving is not for others but for our selves as it make us free from the negative thoughts related to a person. Forgiving does not let the other person affect us anymore. It helps us to move forward by making our baggage light.

You know what will happen if we take all our enemy’s memories along with us ?

Believe it or not , as per the law of rebirth you will get associated with the same thing, similar people you were always angry with. If you believe in the Law “Everything happens for a reason”. Then it will be easy for you to correlate that a negative person has come into our life to teach us a lesson. But if you did not learn that lesson in the present life, you will have to take 1 more birth to understand it. 

4. Free yourself from desires

Desires are meant to be taken during our young life in order to achieve our dreams. Desires generally come to us when we compare our self – our materialistic things with others. It is good to have goals and direction in life in the starting when we have a good health, age to complete them.

5. Learn focus and concentration

The only way to stay calm is when we are free from our worries. When our sub conscious mind does not keeps on throwing disturbing memories and fear. This can be done by learning focus and concentration so that we don’t get away from our focus which is peace & satisfaction at the end days.  

6. Learn and try to meditate

Meditation heals us, it makes us free from our cage of negative emotions and thinking. When we are healed we get above from the materialistic associations of the world with us. We realize that nothing is important and everything is what we should be grateful for. We are able to focus, understand more, concentrate more and stay calm.

7. Be grateful

Try to think about the good things that happened. How lucky you were as compared to others when you got your internal happiness by achieving something. This will not only give you satisfaction but a sense of a complete and rewarding life.

8. Resolve the questions

Try to resolve the questions that you had over a long period of time. Those can be for some situation or from some people. If unresolved till the last , we take it forward with us. We travel heavy. It is not only important tot feel complete towards our end. But we need to find the answers of the question which disturbs us.

Call a friend if you want to talk. Meet your boss immediately after the miscommunication. Ask your spouse his/ her needs and are you fulfilling them. Play with your kids and give them best learning . Give quality time to your elders and learn from their experience. Just by doing the above you may find most of the answers which you were looking at far off places. You will find everything within yourself and your environment.

9. Travel Light

Remember we need to travel light on our path. Physical possessions, bonded relations, problems of people with you make you loaded and focus deprived. The soul also does not get the ultimate salvation if the above is not done at the right time.

10. Clear all misunderstandings

Call those people with whom you have had unresolved misunderstandings and try to finish those. 

Meet everyone or call everyone at home for a party / get together. Rejoice your life with those people and say thank you. Say we will meet & see you later on  a good note.

11. Enjoy your life to the fullest

If you are reading this post that means you are well off to have your reads at the time you want, You have a smart phone or a lappy, You have internet. There are many who are just living on basic essentials of life and yet not complaining. Many who work hard the entire day just to earn the basic necessity like food or clothing.

Try to have internal happiness till the time you live and complete your list for life.

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