about me

About Me

Neoteric HR| Music Lover | Traveler | Researcher | Life long Learner

Hi, I am Apurva. A wandered whose mind does not stop searching for self awareness. It keeps on researching the “why” and ” how” of things related to Human behavior.

I take pleasure, if i am able to motivate people to use their potential and find their hidden talent. I want to enable all to learn skills to overcome hard time in life.

This can be done if we all , by the support of each other; GROW, to achieve the ultimate purpose of our own life without getting distracted by the negative elements of our inside and outside environment.

My purpose is to find enlightenment and Self awareness. For this I keep on researching and sharing my experience and knowledge earned so far.

I am an HR Manager by profession. My writings includes HR tricks/ tips to cope up with daily HR issues, Behavioral and Deep awareness topics connected with humanity, soul, our energy etc. My interest also inclines me towards; how to be more aware of what’s happening , how to change and control things as per our will.

This is a place where people get tips to get a broader view of situations , develop out of box thinking in order to have a complete, happy, purposeful and rewarding life.

My writing style is simple that the reader should get a one stop storehouse of information related to a topic without researching more. I thought of writing my articles in 2 languages i.e. English and Hindi for the benefit of both my readers. You may also find little bit of my designing in the images. I am not a designer, just sometimes random who like to play with colors.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. You can also give me a chance to research on specific topics related to my forte by giving your insights on the suggestions and ideas form . Stay happy and lets celebrate Life!