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5 Signs you are emotionally drained

5 Signs you are emotionally drained.

We all are emotionally drained when it comes to balancing our personal life, work and our internal desires. Our current life style do not offer us to sit back and relax. It is inescapable to work hard for years to earn a normal financial state. Observe these as signs to rewire your brain in order to get back on track.

Loosing focus easily – Focus is what we loose at first when we are emotionally drained. We are not able to focus on a topic for long hours. There are some other thoughts which keep on hindering in between. 

Eating less or more – Our second brain is our digestive system which is not able to function properly when we are not channelized to the right path. Have you ever felt bloated due to anxiety or stress?   Remember the time when you were going for the interview in your dream company. Did you feel really hungry before the interview? Or you had forgotten your hunger.

Anxiety & Stress Issues – This happens when we overthink about something. This is the point when we become emotionally weak and may do something quick which we can regret in future. When we are emotionally drained we start stressing over small issues which in turn attracts more problems giving us a feeling that “my time is not good” or “bad things happen to me”. 

No internal happiness and motivation – We are not motivated enough to do our best in life. We walk on the same path we are following for a long time and become disable to think out of the box. It’s a feeling of monotonous tik tok tik tok which feels that its just time we have to pass. 

Sleep Disorder – People tend to sleep less, more or have interrupted sleep when they are emotionally drained. Often this situation is accumulated with scrolling on our mobile screens for lone time at night to fall sleep. This in turn leads to tired eyes and misconception of helping us to sleep. Rather the light that falls on our eyes hampers the sleep wake cycle by giving our brain more topics to think upon. 

In the hustle bustle of city life, job stress is common. Its easy to say that we have work life balance than really experiencing it by cutting off from work when we are back and vice versa. 

Successful people are those who are emotionally very strong. They do not let their emotions come in their way of achieving their goals. However they have also had their phase of feeling low in life.  

Keeping our emotions in control is an art which people are learning in todays century. Its completely treatable.  It’s the need of the hour in todays generation to learn how to control our emotions as stress will remain a common problem. 

There are many techniques we can use to channelize our emotions like ; expressing emotions, managing our negative emotions, lifestyle changes , yoga, meditation, connecting to friends etc.

By applying these simple techniques you can learn how to be internally happy and cope up with the challenging futuristic environment. 

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